History & Characteristics

The historic village of Bagni di Mommialla, is located at a height of about 300 meters above sea level, on a hilly Tuscan exposed completely to the south offering a splendid view over the valley, the thermal natural park and the ancient Etruscan city of Volterra, which was once reachable passing right from Mommialla, through the ancient Via Volterrana branch of the Via Francigena, a well-known pilgrimage route that ran through all of Italy, leading to Rome.

Bagni di Mommialla is a place in the Tuscany of Leonardo da Vinci.

Museo Galileo – Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza


exceptional with a panoramic view of Volterra with the whole area always sunny, being exposed completely to the south and as an orientation as the slope of the hill ridge.

Nature park

rich in sulphurous springs with thermal characteristics that enhance the value of this protected area with indigenous flora and fauna strictly safeguarded – www.parcobenestare.it

Historical centres

close and easy to reach (San Gimignano, Certaldo, Volterra, Monteriggioni) with the airports of Pisa and Florence reachable by car in just 40 minutes.

Gastronomic area

unique area for products such as cheeses, meats, wine and oil being adjacent to the geographical area of Chianti Fiorentino.

Data & objectives

For the completion of the historical spa village.

This graph shows the progress of work carried out by Borgo Mummialla s.rl. in the last decade and the further planning and investment potential.

Reconstructed farmhouses
Apartments sold
Redevelopment of the village with the spa structure

Thermal area in Bagni Sulfurei in the municipality of Gambassi Terme.

a – Surface area of ​​intervention 40,000 square meters (with possibility of increase).

b – SUL (gross useful area) totaling 4530 square meters (existing building of sulfur baths for 586 square meters, a former sheepfold to be transferred for 530 square meters and new surfaces for 1914 square meters above ground and 1500 meters in basements).

c – Within the overall SUL of 4530 square meters (SUL maximum allowed) are achievable:

– up to 40 prestigious suites (for a maximum of 80 beds);

– restaurant, conference room, shops, apartments for the factory staff, gyms, indoor pools, spa, offices for doctors, technical staff and management.

Considering the very large surface available, there can be no 40 luxury suites (80 beds) with an exclusive surface ranging from 40 to 60 square meters and a private garden outside.

The suites can be equipped with exclusive toilets with thermal water and their own Jacuzzi.

Customers will have wide spaces of relationship within the spa and treatments reserved in order to offer a unique service to a demanding clientele by making you feel the sensations that can only be explained to those who have already had the opportunity to live in this wonderful place of Tuscany.

For further information we remain available.

The reconstruction

All the farmhouses of the village have been faithfully rebuilt maintaining all the original architectural features, from the walls in brick and stone facades, from particular elements of eaves to roof tiles and tiles in terracotta, from wooden architraves to stone thresholds. Most of these materials were recovered directly in the village and integrated with others with the same characteristics typical of the places or new antiquities, always in Tuscan rural style.

The reconstructed village

Houses for sale

The video with the drone